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A company by honest people, for honest people. 

UPC and Sesh Supply merged to create Glassheads, providing the same honest and dependable business since 2003.

Welcome to Glassheads, your one-stop distributor for any and all smokeshop needs. With more than 15 years of experience, Glassheads is in the business of providing you with the best products and services at a phenomenal price. Glassheads was founded by industry outsiders, eager to redefine the prevalent standard of deceptive business practices by applying authentic and trustworthy business practices to the budding industry. We set out to break industry stereotypes and replace them with honesty, integrity, and attention to detail - and we do so in a timely manner!

We pride ourselves on being highly dependable and settle for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. This provides a stress-free experience to our customers and wholesale accounts. We assemble your order by hand, accounting for all items and guaranteeing accurate invoicing. While we have always offered competitive prices, Glassheads continues to put the customer first with the following policies and guarantees:

Open Ended Exchange Policy - Have Glassheads products that aren’t selling? Send them back to us for store credit! This means your store never gets stuck with product it can’t move.

Price Match Guarantee - Find Glassheads products available for cheaper through another distributor? We’ll match the prices to ensure that you always pay the lowest price.

Lifetime Product Guarantee - If a customer purchases and breaks a Glassheads product, we’ll provide them with a replacement at half the cost! All we need is a picture. The difference comes from our end, meaning you still double your money with the sale.

Dropship - Carry our products on your site and allow us to fulfill your orders. With our experienced shipping staff and discreet packaging, your customers will be as happy as clams.

Glassheads is the only smokeshop distributor who makes all of its product origins available online. Don’t be fooled by vendors who aren’t honest. If you’re curious where your products are made just ask us and we’ll let you know, even if it’s not a product we carry. We’ve handpicked our brands so that you can take comfort in knowing our products are dependable and high quality. We’re also the only distributor offering our Lifetime Product Guarantee and Open Ended Exchange Policy, ensuring you and your customer’s complete happiness.

When ordering through Glassheads you can rest assured knowing we strive to provide an honest and dependable experience to each and every customer. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, we are happy to assist you in anyway possible. We guarantee your satisfaction and look forward to putting together your next order!


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